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Paradise Arcade Williams Power Supply Adapter


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Eric Lloyd 17/04/2019

Saved my Joust!

I just swapped this in for the stock power supply in my Joust cabinet. The dreaded 1-3-1 is now gone, and the game is up and running. And it didn't take long at all.

I did have to pull the power transistor heat sink as well as the power board to make room for this, but neither of these will be needed anymore.

Minor issues:
* The nine-pin connector wasn't plugged into the board as shipped, so if I'd thrown it in without looking it over, I might've been chasing my tail for some time.
* There's no instruction sheet! Granted, this is a pretty straightforward plug-and-play item, but a few printed words of wisdom might've been reassuring.
* Along those lines, I haven't found any information about how to wire the four-pin switch connector to the cabinet switch. So for now, I'm reaching through the coin door to turn it off when I shut down the machine.

But all in all, a solid product. Thanks!

Jonathan Koolpe 06/03/2018

Works in Joust 2

Installed this into my Joust 2 upright so I can confirm it works fine in this game, too, which probably means it would work also in the other later Williams games (i.e. Turkey Shoot, Mystic Marathon, Inferno).

Great adapter and looks really cool, too! Highly recommended!

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Paradise Arcade Williams Power Supply Adapter

Paradise Arcade Williams Power Supply Adapter

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