XXXX in 1 Jamma Multiboard Chassis



This is the basic chassis for the  JAMMA ready arcade system containing 1315/1940 games. We are offering this chassis for people who want to repair or build their own modified systems.

By adding a hard drive, cpu, and fan, you can play everything from all the Pac's to Street Figther and Mortal Kombat!

Please note, the when buying this chassis you are accepting responsibiliy for knowing how to build and assemble one of these systems.  We will not offer techinical support in how to build up an XXXX in 1.  If you want to have a 3.06 or 2.8 xxxx in 1 and are not sure how to build your own, please buy one already built.  While we normally enjoy working with people on their projects, we can not offer assembly assitance at this price.


  • JAMMA cabinet interface
  • Easy to navigated game selection menu
  • P4 Motherboard ready for 2.4, 2.8 or the super fast 3.06Ghz processors!
  • All the cables  and screws you need to build your own system 
  • Supports up to 4 Players with the 3&4 play linking board included(creat one cabinet with 4 players, or link two two player cabinets)
  • Supports two-channel audio (Stereo Sound with Neo Geo style stereo set up)
  • Multiple Video Modes; CGA Standard (15kHz), PAL (15kHz), Medium (24kHz), and VGA (31kHz) 

System Specifications:
    1) JAMMA Controller/Interface PCB
    2) P4 Motherboard
    3) 20pin ATX power connector

Well if you order this...what do you get?

  1 - Games Family Computer system with Jamma interface
  1 - 3rd/4th Player Connector JAMMA card with required cables
  1 - Player 1/2 Extra Button "kick" wire harness (For 5th/6th buttons)  

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