Xin Mo Arcade Controller to USB - Paradise Style

Xin MoSKU: Paradise-XM-02



I know that adding 60% of something is a big deal to some people but my wife says you shouldn't trust guys who lure you with lines saying they are 60% more than average...  they usually have nice cars though.  So we looked at yet another product that another company decided to carry after we showed how nice it was, and we decided to show them how we do it in Paradise, with style and color.....

We normally like to cuddle in Paradise, but since people on "da mainland" don't always have Aloha spirit, and another company seems to think it's important to be able to mount the 1 and 2 player controls on opposite sides of the room, we made our cables 60% longer also, but, we'll tell you, that means they are .5m long.  We can't find our tape measure with % on it, so instead of letting you wonder what 60% more means, we just thought we'd tell you!

So where's the paradise? Colors....If you are going to make a custom harness, why would you make it all one color? First off that will get pretty confusing.  Second, it's just more groovy to have some colors.  Our connectors are all RGBW wires so you can trace them much more easily.

Finally we decided to starting putting .187 tabs and dual grounding daisy chains with every controller....oh wait, we always did that.  Hmmm... so what should we do here?  We are going to include our custom grounding wires no one else has.

The base of this system is still the simple small controller comes with a 6 foot long usb connection so you can drop this little guy right on your control panel.  You don't have to mess with little screws, tightening on wires, these come with .187 fittings already installed on a plug-in harness.  

This simple controller is recognized by Windows as a plug and play controller.  Get 30 inputs (2 Joysticks with 8 each and 22 buttons).  This is a great price for a great product.


Included with controller:

6 foot USB cable

7 x Paradise 4 connector wires for control signal

1 x Paradise 2 connector wire for control signal

2 x Paradise 16 connector ground daisy chains (that's 2 extra connections for ground)

Diagram of the pinout

2 PCB feet with screws


  • USB ‘B’ jack for connecting any standard USB cable
  • Works on PC, PS3 ,Linux and MAC
  • Compatible with Windows 7/ Vista/XP/2000/98 & Linux
  • Support PS3 Home Button
  • Support Turbo Button
  • Support LED display the button turbo status
  • Support DP/LS/RS Switch
  • Support LOCK/UNLOCK
  • No soldering required


Works great with controls up to 1.0 meters apart!

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