Undamned USB Decoder Plus by UD Game Tech




This product is designed to “decode” the USB signals from your X360 or PS3 controller and output discrete digital button/joystick signals. Those signals can be used to control many other digital systems or devices, from Superguns to robots.

Screw Terminal Version Features:

- Terminal Blocks for solder free wiring (signal layout intentionally similar to MC Cthulhu so you can mate them for fun things like TE stick on SNES)

- NEW!! 20 pin header!
- USB A Socket
- Alternate header for USB signals - for people who don't to use the on-board USB socket
- Indicator LED - bi-color, red/green
- Alternate header for LED signals - for people who don't to use the on-board LED
- Pull-Up Selection Jumper - allows for pulling button/joystick signals up to +5V or +3.3V, depending on the application
- Player Select Jumpers - tell the joystick to light up the appropriate controller LED (can be set for P1-P4)
- Custom button mapping - for 6 - 8 action buttons
- Firmware can be updated via USB for future features/improvements

**DO NOT use with MAK Strike as it will damage the decoder

~Guide in Downloads~



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