Undamned Neo Geo Adapter for DB15 USB Decoder




This is a Neo Geo adapter for the Undamned DB15 USB decoder. The DB15 port on Neo Geo is much deeper than most DB15 connections, which is why an adapter is required. Enjoy being able to use any X360 or PS3 controller/ joystick on your Neo Geo AES, MVS, or CD gaming system. Program up 6-8 buttons with the custom button mapping feature.

*Below is the product profile for the Undamned DB15 USB Decoder, which is sold separately. This is only includes the Neo Geo adapter.*


**For use with PS4 pads or Fight Sticks try using the UD DB15 USB Decoder in cohesion with the Brook PS3/PS4 -> PS3/PS4 Super Converter**

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