Siren Add-on PCB for the Magenta Joystick

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Already have the most advanced joystick on the market and want to make it better? This add-on PCB allows you to easily install additional functionality to your Magenta setup. Simply remove two screws from the Magenta's mounting plate and drop the PCB on. When you mount your Magenta joystick back onto your control panel you now have a hall sensor right under the dust washer!

With Siren you can use a magnet above the hall sensor to put the Magenta into programming mode when connecting it to a mini-USB without needing to hold the mode button on the Magenta PCB as you plug in. You can swap profiles without needing to drill an extra hole into your case for a button dedicated to switching profiles or having to open your case to access the mode button. Simply hold the magnet above the dust washer for it to switch profiles. When you see Siren's LED lights blink, that means you've cycled to the next profile, just like pressing the mode button on the Magenta PCB! One blink for profile 1, two blinks for profile 2, three blinks for profile 3, and four blinks for profile 4. Use the magnet again and it repeats the cycle from profile 1. To take advantage of the Siren's LED feature, it's best to use a translucent or transparent dustwasher so you can see the light from under the control panel.

Siren also has extra functionality, you can use the proxy harness to use a button that's already in your arcade stick as a dual function. Press for normal function, or hold it in to switch profiles for a secondary function. This can be used on any button that has two .110 quick disconnect terminals.

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