Seimitsu Traditional Japanese Pattern (Wagara) Dust Washer - Red/Blue/Green/Violet

SeimitsuSKU: SE-LS-CD-W-R

Color: Red


Seimitsu Wagara (和柄/Traditional Japanese Pattern) dust washer for Seimitsu LS-32/32-01, LS-62-01, LSX Nobi series and LSQ-40 joysticks. 

(The back of the dust washer is in a silver-colored pattern.)

*** This product will not work with Seimitsu joysticks with shaft covers (SC series, LS-55/55-01/LS-56/56-01/LS-40/40-01/LS-58/58-01/LS-60)

List of compatible Seimitsu joysticks:

  • LSX-Nobi series
  • LS-32/32-01
  • LS-62-01
  • LSQ-40

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