Seimitsu Seimitsu LSX-NOBI-01-STD Standard Edition




The Seimitsu LSX-NOBI-01 is a high quality arcade joystick, made in Japan by Seimitsu. This joystick has designed under the supervision of highly respected Japanese professional Tekken player Nobi, who is a former champion of EVO 2015 and 2015 King of Iron Fist Tournament. Seimitsu has worked together with Nobi to bring a joystick that is specialized in Tekken series by offering the unique design and features. 

Seimitsu LSX-NOBI-01-STD description:

The Standard model is equipped with a slightly softer spring compared to the Nobi Spring that is used in PRO version. It also comes with a specially designed square guide. Finally, unlike other joysticks, Nobi model comes with a special lever called the Bullet lever and a special black coated shaft which don't rotate. The LSX-NOBI-01-STD joystick is equipped with an MS-E mounting plate and comes in a dedicated box.



  • Specially designed Square guide
  • Slightly softer spring than the PRO version
  • Mounting plate with red lettering sticker
  • Box with red image 
  • 5 Pin connector type

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