Seimitsu Alutimo SSPS-30N Solid 30mm Screw-in Mechanical button

SeimitsuSKU: SSPS-30N-R

Color (Solid): Red


Seimitsu's new 30mm convex Japanese style buttons with Cherry MX Silver switch is here!

A New style of pushbutton with Cherry MX Silver Speed switch to offer speedy inputs with better performance.

The Seimitsu Alutimo SSPS-30N has a threaded solid color body with a solid plunger.

These buttons are perfect for any candy cabinet or fight stick rebuild. This button can be used not only in candy cabinets or fight sticks with a thin control panel but also can be used in a thicker control panel that is over 1/4" thickness.

Included are pushbutton, Cherry MX Silver mechanical switch (3 Pin / Plate Mounted type) and screw on lock nut.

Button Specification:

  • Solid color rim, Solid color plunger
  • Diameter: 30 mm (1.181 inch)
  • Overall diameter: 34.5 mm (1.358 inch)
  • .110" quick connects
  • For Metal, wooden or plastic/fiberglass control panels
  • Button, locking nut, 1.0mm washer and Cherry MX Silver mechanical switch (3pin) included
  • Total travel distance moddable by 0.2mm washer (Available separately)
  • Screw-in buttons
  • Compatible with various Cherry MX switches

Cherry MX switches:

Switch Type Operating Force Actuation Point Total Travel
MX Blue Clicky/Tactile 60g 2.2mm 4.0mm
MX Brown Tactile 55g 2.0mm 4.0mm
MX Red Linear 45g 2.0mm 4.0mm
MX Black Linear 60g 2.0mm 4.0mm
MX Speed Silver Linear 45g 1.2mm 3.4mm
MX Silent Red Linear 45g 1.9mm 3.7mm
MX Silent Black Linear 60g 1.9mm 3.7mm
MX Low Profile Red Linear 45g 1.2mm 3.2mm
MX Low Profile Speed Linear 45g 1.0mm 3.2mm
MX Green Clicky/Tactile 80g 2.2mm 4.0mm
MX Clear Tactile 65g 2.0mm 4.0mm
MX Grey Tactile 80g 2.0mm 4.0mm

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