Sanwa OBSN-30RG Screw-in Button - Green




Sanwa no longer produces the OBSN-RG series, However, they still make OBSF-RG buttons.  We have a variety of colors to choose from in the OBSF-RG series. 

Sanwa RG Series Pushbuttons are the juggernauts of arcade button hardware. While your standard Sanwa SW-68 micro switches found on non-RG OBSN, OBSF, and OBSC buttons are rated at ~1 million presses, the switch on the RG buttons is rated between 10 and 50 million presses! This means that the life expectancy of RG buttons is 10-50 times longer than other Sanwa buttons.

The OBSN-RG is a screw-in type pushbutton ideal for mounting in thicker arcade and fightstick panels but can be used in any thickness of panel up to 13mm.


  • .110" quick connects
  • Screw-in type
  • Button diameter: 30mm
  • Button nut diameter: 36mm
  • Install depth: 44mm
  • Suitable for panels of 0-13mm thick
  • Microswitch rated for 10-50 million presses

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