Sanwa OBSC 30 Crystal

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The Sanwa OBSC is the latest offering from the ever popular line up of Sanwa products.  Similar to the OBSF buttons but now in translucent colors! We are excited to offer you an amazing crystal clear button.  The OBSC features the ultra sensitive SW-68 microswitch. 

30mm width

.110 connections

Please note, there are no ejection pin marks or other blemishes inside the plunger.   There are competitive products available based on a modified taiwanese button plunger, but the show the ejector pin marks and are not clear (four circles seen through the face of the button on the left), see here:

A note on molding.  Ejector pins are parts of almost every mold.  They are used to push the plastic part out of the mold after the shot.  Because the pins sit on the part on the inside of the mold they leave a little mark on part.  If you look at most plastic parts you can find these little round marks in areas that are not part of the aesthetics.

When we had our plunger mold created we had the ejector pins placed precisely to avoid any blemishes on the surface of the plunger.  The two images above show a difference of design intent.  Our button on the right was designed with the intent of having a crystal clear plunger, while the one on the left was originally an opaque plastic mold where the ejector pin marks would be hidden on the underside of the part, and possibly covered up by and insert.  When the mold on the left was shot in clear, the pin marks cause a clear blemish to the appearance.

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