SANWA DENSHI JLX-TPML-8YT-SK Variable Actuator Joystick



SANWA DENSHI JLX-TPML-8YT-SK Variable Actuator Joystick


New JLX Main Body

New JLX Main Body. The new Adjustable Silent Joystick at its core uses the new JLX for the main body.  Reformulated with a durable POM material to reduce body vibration, therefore improving input accuracy

Adjustable TPML Switches

Sanwa Denshi developed a new Silent lever with switches that allow the operation timing for each individual switch allowing each direction to be adjusted accordingly

Configurable Switch Assembly

Each switch can be adjusted in 5 positions, making it easy for individual users to adjust the actuation timing per directional input

Adjustment Settings

See our TECH DIAGRAM on how to adjust the switches to your liking

What's Included

Everything you see assembled.   Balltop and harnesses are not included, so please add that to your cart if you require those item(s).

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