Rebuilt Wells Gardner 19" 4900 Arcade Monitor Chassis

Paradise ArcadeSKU: 4900_19_rebuilt_4pot



This Wells Gardner 19" 4900 PCB assembly has been cleaned & solder joints have been reflowed.  Each chassis has also had a full new set of electrolytic capacitors and it has been burn-tested for more than 24 hours. It is producing a perfect picture and upon proper installation, this should require nothing more than standard adjusting (size/color) to fine tune it to your game.

Don't let black monitors stop your fun!

Please Note: I am using the same picture for all of these chassis, as they are all the same and each have the same new parts as mentioned above.

Please note: This chassis has 4 adjustment pots along the back rail, which indicates a later version 4900 series. Similar 4900's have 3 pots and are not interchangeable with this chassis. Attempting to use the 4 pot version in place of the 3 pot version will leave you with verticle, foldover issues that cannot be adjusted out. You can still, however, interchange the 4 & 5 pot chassis.

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