PS2 LED Trackball



PS2 based Trackball for MAME!  This 2 1/4" trackball does not require an interface to be plugged into your computer because it is a computer trackball in an arcade style housing.  You will not need and optipac or anolog convertor to connect this.  However, it will not work with old school arcades, it is purely a PS/2 based trackball.  When the trackball is connected the power through the PS2 connection will power the green illumination, if you connect one of the three mouse button connectors to ground, the ball will turn red, release and color goes back to green.  You can wire this into your control panel buttons to have some fun!

How are these different than other trackballs that are more expensive?  The ball does not ride on a solid steel shaft with bearings, it runs on steel wheels instead. 

Does that matter? Well to be honest I have had some fun playing Centipede and other games with these, they fit a 2.25 hole, and over all they feel pretty good.  If you give it a good fast pass with your hand it does continue to roll after your hand comes off.

Where can I use these? Mame, 1072 in 1, 1315 in 1(These are plug and play on the 1315 in 1 units, it's very nice)....not on 60 in 1, Icade, or the Arcade shop programmable PCB

Is the threw hole spacing the same as Happ 2 1/4"? No the holes make a 2.7 inch square around the ball, center to center on the holes. Happ's are 2.46.

Is the threw hole spacing the same as Happ 2 1/4"? One of two ways.  You can either just make a 2 1/4 hole in a metal control panel and drill the holes for the mounting bolts like you would a normal trackball.  Or you can make your own adapter plate like happ sells.  Just get a piece of steal, punch a 2 1/4" hole, then drill out the appropriate holes for mounting bolts.  Rounder a rescess into your wood control panel, and drop into place. (We are working at offering these in the in future)

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