PokeyONE V2 FPGA Atari Pokey Replacement



Using an FPGA, the PokeyONE is a modern, reliable, replacement for the the Atari POKEY chip!
Used on almost all classic Atari games, the Pokey Chip is integral to the function of your pcb, providing many basic functions like sound, random number generation, I/O and more.  Over the years this custom Atari chip has become hard to find and originals are failing on many old boards.  This is why a few very creative and smart designers came up with the PokeyONE.  This replaces all the regular Pokey functions in a classic Atari arcade board.  (Please note, the PokeyONE has not been tested in Atari computers) 
Don't let a dead Pokey get in the way of you enjoying classics like Centipede, Gauntlet, Black Widow, Star Wars and more!
Version 2 is an updated FPGA, based on the original design, also accounting for world wide shortage in chip supply. 

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