PAS Purple Heart Wooden Balltop

Paradise ArcadeSKU: PHWoodLB35



Inspired by Sanwa's Briarwood ball tops, but we wanted to give you more options! Each and every ball top is hand made for your very own one of a kind joystick knob. 

Purpleheart is an extremely dense and water-resistant wood. It is ranked one of the hardest and stiffest of the woods in the world. Extremely durable and amazingly beautiful.   Exposure to UV light darkens the wood to a brown color with a slight hue of the original purple. The longer the wood is exposed to UV lights (sunlight), the color of purple slowly changes from a light purple to a substantially chocolate-purple color. 

All wood balls are approximately 35mm with 6mm threaded inserts. These will fit any standard sized joystick shaft. 

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