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Want something more than lit buttons? Try our NEW black rimmed lit buttons.  All buttons come complete with 12V LED's, switches sold separately.

What better way to add some style to your arcade games than a control panel with lit buttons? CHROME LIT BUTTONS!!!  These chrome surround buttons use a 12 volt LED placed in a holder under the control panel that fastens into the button base.


Buttons may come with one of 4 different microswitches, 20 gram, 50 gram, 125 gram, or the classic Cherry microswitch.  20 grams have an almost undetectable switching mechanism, and when mounted under a control panel are silent like leaf switches.  

  • Made to fit 24mm to 30mm holes (this includes 1 1/8 holes)

  • Great for 1/16 inch metal to  3/4 inch wood control panels

  •   Buttons come complete with all parts needed (LED and microswitch)
  • Happ quality Zippy microswitches with .187" terminals

  • LED socket requires .250" terminals for wiring

  •   Brilliant durable chrome trim around every button 


Product Dimensions:

  • Mounting hole required: 24mm - 28mm (0.95" - 1.1")
  • Overall diameter of button across plunger: 32mm (1.26")
  • Maximum depth of button from top of plunger to bottom of microswitch: 65mm (2.56")


To install, please see an explanation of which tabs to use in our solution database here.

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