Paradise JLF Twist

Paradise ArcadeSKU: JLFTwist



Put a "Twist" into your stick! Tired of opening your arcade stick to change your JLF parts?  With the new Paradise Twist you can quickly and easily change the length of your JLF Shaft! Best of all, no more fumbling around with the dreaded "E-clip". Just give it a 'twist' and you're good to go! With the Paradise Twist you no longer have to go through screws, bolts, or clips to modify your joystick! With a quick twist you can adjust the height of your joystick, or swap out your old ball top or bat top for a new one! The Paradise Twist comes with the base and 3 shafts with different lengths: standard, short, and long so you can adjust your JLF to your preference. Want more customization? Try twisting it up with Paradise Arcade's Anodized parts and custom springs to make your JLF one of a kind!

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