Paradise 4 Star Crystal Ball 35 mm Ball Top

Paradise ArcadeSKU: pas-scb-35-4



Legend has it this 4 Star Crystal Ball was passed down from an old grampaw to a youngin' with a monkey tail who became the universe's greatest warrior before it made its way into our hands.

We've verified the authenticity with our experts and indeed, this ball is most legendary. In fact, so legendary the residual power may still reside within and pass along to your wrists so you can win fight'n games.

Maybe. Or, perhaps, you'll end up a dead beat dad who's resigned to being an illiterate farmer with an angry wife, but it's ok because you have a goofy smile and a kind heart and that's all you need to get through life. You used to have a stick that grew on command and fly on sentient clouds, what happened?

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