Nobi Lever LSX-NOBI-01-PRO-MAT



Seimitsu Industry x Atassa Collaboration Model Joystick Lever NOBI Nobi Lever LSX-NOBI-01-PRO-MAT (Full Set) Professional model supervised by Mr. Nobi.  Full set Matte black Bullet lever & shaft installed STD guide STD spring Japanese pattern packing gold included FULL SET ( with Bullet lever)

This is a special model that includes all the joystick levers, a professional gamer model supervised by Nobi, which was created as a collaboration project between Seimitsu Industry and Atassa.

Based on the NOBI lever pro model LSX-NOBI-01-PRO, the bullet lever and shaft are changed to matte black, and all the parts of the standard model LSX-NOBI-01-STD are included.

The following parts are included in the package.
・STD guide used for LSX-NOBI-01-STD (dedicated item for irregular square shape)
・STD spring used for LSX-NOBI-01-STD (dedicated item slightly softer than PRO spring)
・Japanese pattern Packing 10.5 φ Gold
・Two company logos, base seal with special colors of black and gold (Customers are requested
to replace guides and springs by themselves).

It is a new type of joystick by Mr. Novi, which is a special model joystick for Tekken actually used.

This product not only has the bullet lever and shaft changed to matte black, but also includes the guides and springs used in the standard model released at the same time as the professional model, so you can customize the look and usability. It is possible to build up a NOBI lever.

*Returns (exchanges) will not be accepted for defects caused by the customer's own disassembly, so please take your own responsibility.
* Erroneous input due to special operations such as slap operation (strike hard) is not covered by the warranty.

*The lever ball is equipped with a "Bullet lever" exclusively for NOBI models that makes you imagine a shift knob. It is a special color specification of matte black.
*The shaft is a matte black special color specification.
* Unlike normal joysticks, the NOBI model has a special specification that does not rotate the shaft and bullet lever.
*The shaft thickness is almost the same as LS-32, but the length is exclusive for NOBI model.
* The PRO model is equipped with a stiff "NOBI spring" made exclusively for Mr. Nobi, but this product includes a special STD spring that softens the NOBI spring used in the STD model. Masu.
*The mounting guide for the PRO model is equipped with a specially shaped item called a scalene octagon, but this product includes a specially shaped item called an irregular square used for the STD model.
* In addition to the green of the PRO model, the image color of the base seal includes a base seal with two company logos and special colors of black and gold.
*Since the Japanese pattern packing gold is included, it can be set under the normal lever packing.
*External dimensions can be confirmed on the Seimitsu Kogyo website.

Since it is for business use, there is no instruction manual or package.
Please purchase only customers who can understand the product characteristics well.
We do not provide any support for installation.

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