Neutrik SCDP Rubber Sealing Gasket for USB Sockets - Black

NeutrikSKU: ne-scdp-k



New tricks for Neutriks! Well not really...

We'd love to say we're the very first to bring these to the market, sending off our employee's on a mission like Naked Snake to the far reaches of Germany to personally snek crates full of rubber from the Neutrik factory. Alas, such lofty ambitions aren't always the reality of things, as no Naked Snakes work here nor did we eat our comrades for survival just to deliver these to your door. By now, these are pretty well known in the arcade stick community, especially for custom case builders who want to add a little color to their USP sockets. Thankfully, these rubbery gaskets come in different colors (but not sizes) in case your picky like a grammar pickle about how it looks. Boot up your sockets for a little extra protection from liquids and dust getting in places you don't want. Protect your Neutrik so your controller doesn't flip out like a dirty old ocelot. You wanna be the Big Boss at the World Heroes 2 Jet locals, don't ya?

No newts were harmed during the filming of this message. We still haven't figured out how they taste.

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