Myoungshin Fanta 24GN-2019 Version

IST Solution (ISTMall)SKU: ISL-24GN-B Fanta




Many arcades in Korea use this lever in their arcade cabinets. It performs satisfying performance with every general games (Standard). This Korean Joystick has neck (which requires 35mm lever hole). If your joystick's lever hole is not bigger than 35mm, then this lever would not fit. The lever is mounted with 'Multi Mounting Plate', which allows this lever to mount into most of current fightsticks out in the market.

It is a good lever to start learning about using Korean Lever. If you do not like square/octo gate style joystick, then this would be a good candidate to try new ways of playing video games.

Overall: Cost-effectiveness + Generally offer satisfying results in many games such as 2D or 3D games.

Nothing too special but also nothing too bad about everything.

** Samducksa's Crown Lever's grommets will not work on these following models: Fujin 3, Alpha Levers (47C, 49S), and Myoungshin Fanta. They use their own rubber grommet to balance the tension of the lever.


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