MPress V2 Fighting Case

Paradise ArcadeSKU: MpressV2

MPress Variant: Black PCB/Silver Trace/Silver Caps/Black MX


Taking thin performance to the next level with version 2 of the original flat custom stickless case, the best just got better.

Cases are now prebuilt and will ship in 1-2 working days after you order! 

The MPress is 12.5" x 9" and less than 1 inch thick but does NOT sacrifice on performance. Brook Fusion, MX switches standard, and a tethered USB C connection.  This fits easily into a laptop bag, designed for portability and competition level play.  

We are now prebuilding different options, if you want different color caps look here .

What's new with version 2?

1) USB C strain relief.  There is a USB pig tail that goes back into the top of the case for travel, so you no longer have to plug into a USB-C port on a rigid board, the cable is held by the acrylic so you can literally carry the stick by the cord and still not damage the pcb.  

2) Just like the Evo MPress all version 2 Mpress come with open silk screen around each button for custom LED Upgrades in the future.

3) Speaking of custom LED upgrades... we have massively reduced the complication of future led upgrades to make them plug and play at home!  This is not just through the set up of the case, but also by working with Brook for custom output from the UFB making LED implementation a snap. 

4) Art... Yes we said it art.  Art templates available here, bottom/top, but.... We will also be direct printing art on cases before shipping, so you can receive your Mpress COMPLETELY customized.  Art will be direct printed, each layer is $20.  We can print, directly to the top and bottom (including over the buttons), on the pcb top an d bottom, and on the back of the acrylic covering the top and bottom... The MPress is a canvas your mind can run wild with!!!   See the Richie Suwano case photos,  Art will be an option and not billed until files are submitted to us.  Direct print art has stunning resolution and contrast, it is not the cheapest option for art, but the outcomes are stunning. Please send artwork to

5) SOCD switch is now standard on all MPress.  Just like the Evo Mpress, all cases will have a slide switch for SOCD support on the left.


Every Mpress has FREE Kailh Hot Swaps!

Worry about slippery bottom? Try our Nonslip Fightstick Pad!

(Depending on the supply of the parts for the stick, the time period of completion and the delivery of the product may change.)


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