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The mini-SLG is an inexpensive, and compact scanline generator that is compatible with devices that output a standard VGA signal @ 640×480 (preferred) & 1024×768 resolutions.

Male/Female VGA connectors. Simply plug one end into your video source, and the other into your monitor cable.

ON/OFF switch. Enable scanlines or pass through video signal unaffected.
Compact. Only 2.25 inches in length.

A VGA upscaler, such as the GBS-8200, is required for 15k RGB sources.

The mini SLG is not compatible with ArcadeSD or JROK Multi-Williams boards.


mini-SLG Instructions

Connect the male adapter of the mini SLG to the video source, and the female adapter to the monitor cable. Best results are obtained at 640x480* resolution (1024x768* is also supported). Other resolutions will pass-through the adapter, resulting in a normal display. To display a MAME front-end (Hyperspin, Mala, etc.) without scanlines, a popular resolution is 1280x1024 (set games to run at 640x480). The switch has two positions: ON (scanlines), and OFF (pass-through). * For PC video cards, the vertical refresh rate should be 60 HZ.

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