LVT3 LED Board for the Victrix Pro FS

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Ready to spice up your Victrix Pro FS? 

The Victrix LVT3 provides a solder free solution with brilliant 24 bit color.  This board comes with 16 LEDs preinstalled and all individually addressable to create amazing light shows immediately after installation.  If you want to expand the system, an easy port for connecting an RGB joystick is provided. 


  • Fully compatible with the Victrix Pro FS and PS5 Pro FS
  • NOT compatible with The Pro FS-12
  • **note to need to remove the dust washer if you want to store your removable shaft and ball top inside the case
  • Solder free installation, all installation cables included
  • 16 x 24 bit index controlled LEDS come mounted on the board (2 per button)
  • Specifically designed to use mounting already present in the Victrix Pro FS
  • RGB screw terminals joystick connection to control RGB bat and balltops
  • Brand new easily Graphical User Interface for easy programming! 
  • Easy tournament switch to turn of the LEDs when not wanted
  • Straps for the Victrix Pro FS here Victrix Pro FS Shoulder Strap


You can download the latest driver and setup files here:

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