Journey Arcade Cassette Interface Board and MP3 Mod

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It's becoming increasingly difficult to find cassette interface board to restore the Journey Arcade machine and the cassette players are mostly long gone.  While many make shift solutions have come and gone, a complete solution to bring your Journey back to it's full glory has not been available until now.


The Journey Arcade Cassette Interface Board and MP3 Mod completely replaces the need for the entire cassette interface board and cassette player, allowing you to load Separate Ways or any song you want by simple SD card.


KLOV forum member danreedphoto has done an amazing job creating this modern piece of technology to allow you to keep that old (or recreated) Journey Arcade Machine running.  Don't miss this opportunity. Boards are being assembled in the USA and each of them tested prior to shipping (some will even be tested in the Journey previously owned by and taken on tour with the band)


The final production package will directly replace the existing Cassette interface board, mounting in the EXACT same mounting spot so not additional holes need to be made in the cabinet.

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