KDiT 35 mm Mirror Natural




How can the largest selection of balltops in the US get even better?  Add some amazing new MESH balltops and then add the MIRRORED balltops.  These mirrored balltops are a unique edition to our diverse balltop line up.  They come with the standard 6mm threading and will fit all standard Japanese joysticks.


Getting back to basics,  these new tight mesh tops hail from the original Sanwa LB-35 mesh inovation.  For a quick comparison with the original balltops, you can see our selection of original Sanwa mesh tops.


Built to last, these balltops are insert injection molded with the brass threaing in place.  The molds are near perfect, eliminating any signs of a parting line (these are the lines that go around the most balltops and are where the two halves of the mold pull apart).  Quality and price make these a fun way to add some bling to an old stick or match the styling on your new build.

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