Infiltration Samducksa SDL-301-DX-S - Clear White

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The Long Awaited Infiltration SDL-301-DX is finally here!!

This lever combines aspects from an experimental design as well as input from Infiltration. Compared to other Korean levers on the market, it's the most distinct when it comes to feel. It feels like a cross between a Japanese Lever and a Korean Lever.

-Japanese Mounting Plate

-Removeable Battop with standard 6mm threading

-.187 connections (requires the JLF Micro/Conversion Harness)

- Silicone Tension Grommet System (35 by default, 25 and 45 can be purchased separately)

 You can find the 5 pin Joystick cable wire harness here

-Tall Lever, will not fit in all cases.  See below:

SDL-301-DX Fits Inside: Razer Panthera, Hori VLX, MadCatzTE2 (grinds slightly on plastic base at first but works fine after a few rounds), Qanba Dragon, FightStick Asia EXC Samurai, Razer Atrox, Qanba Obsidian, Hori RAP N

SDL-301-DX Does NOT Fit Inside: Excellence Arcade Case Model T, Excellence Arcade Case Model V

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