IL Magnetic Joystick, Yellow Bat, Silver shaft

Industrias Lorenzo, S.A.SKU: iL-A03551-Y-M



The iL Magnetic Stick is a short throw magnetic centering joystick, popular in the schmups community for it's accurate short through and Mame community for the ease of switching between 4 and 8 way action. 

*** Unlike the image (.187 quick disconnect), Magnetic Stick requires .250 Female connectors to connect wires to microswitch. To install, please see an explanation of which tabs to use in our solution database here.

This model is a yellow bat with silver shaft.


A little history:


iL was the original manufacturer for HAPP arcade parts. Once HAPP and SUZO merged into SUZO-HAPP, HAPP moved production of their arcade parts to SUZO's Chinese manucturing plants. This left iL to manufacture these parts with decades of history under their own brand. Today, it may be said that iL is the better known of the two Western parts manufacturers. This is mostly in part because cabinet builders seek iL parts out to maintain vintage standards and the higher quality over HAPP products.



  • Snappy action and very short movements
  • Quick return to neutral
  • Long lasting and highly durable build quality
  • Easy wood panel mounting
  • Cherry microswitches that last up to 50 million inputs
  • Ease of 4/8 way switching




  • No custom restriction gates
  • Can't be mounted in most mass produced arcade and fight stick panels
  • Bat tops can not be changed without purchasing a replacement shaft



IL_Magnetic_Joystick_ A03551.pdf

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