Hex Screw, #8, 3/4"

Paradise ArcadeSKU: HexScr8x3/4



Step right up, step right up!

Here we have a high quality, #8 hex screw that's 3/4" long (oh my...) and ready for all your arcade needs! What's that you say, you don't need it for arcade stuff? Well what are you doing on an arcade parts site? Oh, perhaps you need it for an arcade stick or fight stick, whatever you whippersnappers are calling them these days. Why, in our day, we called them... aha! How old are you again? Anyway, if you need a hex screw we got you covered like Danny Glover. That's a Lethal Weapon reference. Dial 1-808-498-6996 or visit www.paradisearcadeshop.com for all your hex screwing needs. Don't tell them I sent ya.


  • No. 8 screw
  • .25" wide slotted hex head
  • .75" long
  • .125" wide
  • 3/4 inch long

*Screwdriver not included.

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