Gummods x Vickomods VS Fightstick

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Gummo and Vicko have teamed up and modded 60 of the Madcatz VS Fight Sticks with a Brook Universal Fighting Board and a Gum Mods Home Panel Replacement Kit. We are lucky enough to be selling some of the left overs that hadn't sold at EVO. Full Writeup is available at Shoryuken Below.
Included in the box:
Madcatz VS Fight Stick modded with Brook Universal Fight Board PCB and Gum Mods Home Panel Replacement PCB
Numbered Plexi
Custom Gum Mods X Vicko Mods Artwork
Original Street Fighter X Tekken Artwork
Original Madcatz Fight Stick instructions
Brook Universal Fight Board instructions
Gum Mods Home Panel Replacement instructions
Brook sticker
Compatible Systems: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox ONE, PS3, PS4, Wii U (select games), Nintendo Switch (requires USB A -> C adapter)

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