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If you're in the FGC, chances are you know Gummo. Well know and respected modder that you'll see at most every tournament modding someone fight stick. Gummo has designed the Madcatz TE Home Panel Replacement Board. 

The Home Panel Replacement board (HPR) is designed to make installing Brook Universal Fighting Board *sold separately* (UFB) easier to install in Madcatz sticks that use the home panel like the one in the TE. It will replace the pcb in the home panel of any TE/TE-S/SE/KE/Brawlstick/Pro/VS regardless if it was for ps3, 360, or wii.

*This version has a Purple LED Indicator*

  • Features that remain are the player leds, lock switch, and home button.
  • Features that are lost are the stick mode and turbo.
  • Features that are gained are the touchpad, L3, and R3 buttons via the turbo button (now the Aux button). The stick mode switch (now Aux switch) will control which one of thosee three inputs the Aux button registers.

Product Write-Up on Shoryuken with Pictures

*All Headers version of Brook UFB is required unless you plan on soldering on your own male headers*

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