FoeHammer Custom Hitbox Harness

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This is a hand made Foe Hammer Wire Harness/kit. This kit is a quick and easy solution for mod-ing your next Foe Hammer shell or to re-wire your commercial joystick. Our kits are all hand made, by a US Citizen on US soil. 100% MADE IN THE USA.

This product comes in 4 pieces. Two strands for the kick and punch buttons, one strand for the directional inputs, and one strand for the home/select/start buttons. Each strand of wires is dressed in a braided tech flex tubing and secured with matching color heat shrink. Each wire is fitted with a .110 metal quick disconnect and nylon boot.

Solid color techflex and heatshrink with rainbow wires. Each wire is a different color.

Technical Description: 
- (2) Four button strands (kick/punch) 
- (1) Additional Fourbutton strand (Directional inputs)
- (1) 3 button strand (home/start/select)

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