EVO Custom MPress Fighting Case - BLUE PCB + Silver Trace

Paradise ArcadeSKU: EVO-Blue



*** BLUE PCB will have slight scratches on the board


*** For international customers, please contact our support (support@paradisearcadeshop.com) if you are having an issue with placing pre-order.

**Silent Red CherryMX Switches

All back pcbs are blue, choice of color is only for the front pcb.

What do you get when you take the first low profile, competitive grade stickless case, combine that with the amazing artwork of Richie Suwono, and then add a custom light show like you have never seen on a controller before, the Paradise Arcade Shop Evo MPress.

We took thin performance to the next level, and now we are taking it there in absolute S-tier style and function.  The MPress is 12.5" x 9" and about 1 inch thick but does NOT sacrifice on performance. Brook UFB, PS5 upgraded, MX switches in Kailh hot swaps standard, custom light show on over 100 LEDs, and a USB A connection.  This fits easily into a laptop bag, designed for portability and competition level play.  

We use the same tech used in all our OBS-MX buttons to deliver the ultra fast response you have come to expect.  Not only are they fast, but all the caps are retained so you will never have one fall off during or between matches.  We designed this to be just over 4 lbs so the case feels real when you compete, with ergonomics in mind for your palms to rest on.

These MPress come with an SOCD switch on the left to allow you to change modes, and a top row shut off switch on top to avoid any accidental hits.

We have a very limited supply of Gold edition with real gold traces if you really want to play in style.  Don't miss out, when these are gone, they are not coming back. 

Please note all back with artwork are blue, the front of the stick can be purchased in Blue or Black, with Silver or Gold traces.

The MPress is an officially licensed product.  IP used in this design was conceived by and is licensed from Hitbox LLC.  "EVO" and related logos are fully licensed and are the property of  E-Sports Evolution, LLC..

Worry about slippery bottom? Try our Nonslip Fightstick Pad!

Compatible with:

XBOX SERIES X|SXbox One, Xbox 360, PS5, PS4, PS3, Wii U, PC, Switch,  NEOGEO mini, PS Classic and MD mini


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