Eurojoystick with 45mm Length Screw Shaft



Industrias Lorenzo 8-way Eurojoystick with 45mm length Screw Shaft

Industrias Lorenzo took their popular Eurojoystick and modified it with a 45mm stainless steel shaft with a screw top, so you can use any standard ball top or bat top. This item is just the joystick with dust washers as shown, no top is included.

  • Original Industrias Lorenzo EuroJoystick, part# A03448844000007
  • 45mm Stainless Steel Shaft, 10mm Diameter
  • Standard M6-1.0 thread
  • Fits wood and metal control panels
  • Spring return-to-center
  • 8-way operation
  • 2 dust covers to cover small or large holes
  • Cherry Microswitches installed, reliability tested to 10,000,000 cycles

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