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Shipping costs have increased as ALL packages will be sent with insurance. And are now sent in custom made shipping boxes to fit each part of the CPS2 kit!  

Want to have all your favorite CPS2 games available on one machine?  Darksoft has worked his magic once again with the CPS-2 multi kit.  This amazing piece of hardware allows you to play all your favorites on the original CPS-2 base.  This is not an emulation, these games are running on original hardware!  

With amazing support forums and an installation video, you will have your pick of games in no time.

***Warning*** Installation required.  While Darksoft has done an amazing job implementing technology, this system does require installation.  Please watch the video before purchase to ensure you are comfortable.  Most arcade enthusiasts who are used to working on a machine should have no problem, but this is NOT a plug and play Jamma based solution.

CPS2 Multi Kits are in stock and ready to ship


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