CROWN / SAMDUCKSA SDB-202C-Silent 30 mm Screw-in button - Clear White

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*** We no longer offer free Kahuna-SMX. Kahuna-SMX for SDB-202 series can be purchased separately.

*** New SDB-202C Silent buttons come with Clear Button nuts.

What's new about "Silent"?

Thanks to customers' support for the original SDB-202 series, Samducksa decided to go one step further and develop a new series called SDB-202-Silent. By changing the inner material of the button from plastic to silicone, the noise generated when button mashing has been reduced greatly compare to the original SDB-202 button. The button color comes with Clear Colors only (CR/CB/CY/CG/CW/CS).

Would the real SAMDUCKSA please stand up?

The artistes formerly known as CROWN, SAMDUCKSA is a name we should all know by now after being a force to reckon with in the Korean arcade parts world. SAMDUCKSA dropped the moniker CROWN starting with the launch of the SDL-301 series of joysticks and their first mechanical keyboard switch based button series, the SDB-201.

201, 202, what's the difference?

Well, I'm very glad you decided to ask! The SDB-201 series was based around Futaba MA mechanical keyboard switches. While not a big name in the mechanical keyboard industry these days, they are good switches and will last a lifetime. The downside is, they're on the slower side with a deep engage at 3 mm and 4 mm total travel. High precision and good performance, but other switches are faster which is where the SDB-202 Cherry series come into the picture. SAMDUCKSA upgraded the SDB series of buttons by choosing the enthusiast acclaimed, high performance Cherry MX Speed Silver button, pictured below.

How about some Cherry MX Speed Silver specs?


  • 45 gram operating force
  • 1.2 mm actuation point
  • 3.4 mm total travel (throw)
  • Linear operation
  • No tactile feedback

Why walk when you can fly? Let's take a high performance switch and make it better.

Every single SAMDUCKSA SDB-202 Cherry series button from Paradise Arcade Shop comes with a little extra love in the form of an upgrade kit, the Kahuna-SMX. Tweak your buttons to your liking. You want stealthy Tactical Espionage Action with less throw? Try the Silent Mach 1 mod. Want the actuation even FASTER but don't care about alarming the local SamSho champs and giving away your mashing on wake up? Hit Mach 2. Are you a speed demon needing to blaze through button presses like a Miata MX-5 driver on an 25 mph exit ramp? Fly at Mach 3. The Kahuna-SMX upgrade can completely change the feel of the button, to your liking or needs. Enjoy blazing speed without waking the neighbors in the middle of the night.

SDB-202 with Kahuna-SMX Mach 1 mod:

  • 2.6 mm total travel (throw)
  • Silent: What they can't hear they can't see
Kahuna-SMX Mach 1 - 01

SDB-202 with Kahuna-SMX Mach 2 mod:

  • 0.4 mm actuation point
Kahuna-SMX Mach 2 - 02

SDB-202 with Kahuna-SMX Mach 3 mod:

  • 0.4 mm actuation point
  • 2.6 mm total travel (throw)
  • Silent: Break speed barriers without scaring the dog
  • True Stealth Mode: Invisible under the cap for full LED custom action
Kahuna-SMX Mach 3 - 01

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