Crown/Samducksa 309-HFJ-DX New Helpme Joystick

SamducksaSKU: CWL-309HFJ-DX-CR

Color: Clear Red


What's New?

  • Flat Mounting Plate Type
  • Gersung switches V1623A3
  • Narrower deadzone radius (Faster Neutral)
  • Clear battop
  • 20 tension silicon grommet


What is CWL-309 Series?

The CWL-309 is Crown's most popular joystick in recent memory. Co-designed by long time Korean player Help Me, the 309 was made for Tekken in mind but works well for other fighting games. Along with the popular Myoungshin Fanta joystick, the 309 can be found in various arcades throughout South Korea.

Crown designed the 309 as their interpretation to the Fanta. Using parts from both their CWJ-303N and CWL-307 joystick, which emphasizes specific elements, the 309 was made to be the balance of the two mentioned models.

Every 309 joystick comes with Gersung V1623A3 switches for fast action. A set of .187" wires or a .187" to 5-pin harness is required to properly connect the joystick's switches to your arcade stick. You can replace the stock top and shaft with that of our custom Crown shafts and a ball or bat top from Sanwa.


Crown sticks come with one of two microswitches.  the KMS models are Korean or Gersung microswitches, while JMS models are Panasonic based style microswitches. Both of these styles come with the .187" tabs used in traditional joysticks that can easily be adapted to a fight stick with a conversion harness. 


The designation "J" in the 309FJ indicates that this is a japanese style mounting plate with the appropriate holes compatible with most Sanwa JLF mounts.


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