Crown CWJ-303 Green

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Crown joysticks are highly desired amongst the Tekken community because of the lever’s fast neutral return and cornerless circle gate due to its rubber pad tension. The 303-FK uses a mix of a spring and rubber tension system to provide a unique feel.  The benefits of this approach is a faster return to neutral, which is perfect for 3D based games such as Tekken in which wavedashing and consistent movement is required.  The 303-FK has a circular gate, resulting in smooth, cornerless control for QCB, QCF (quarter-circle back/forward) HCB, HBC (half-circle back/forward) and full 360 motions.  Those who enjoy a stiffer lever will also appreciate the Crown 303-FK.  

Perfect for your fightstick! Compatible with MadCatz's Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition, QanBa's Q4RAF or Eightarc's Fusion series. The 303-FK's hardware features a hybrid rubber pad and spring tension system, Korean Gersung microswitches and flat mounting plate. This battop is a solid Green color.

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