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The BitKit2 is a JAMMA FPGA platform for accurately playing arcade classics, featuring Bluetooth for wireless updating. Compared to the original BitKit, the BitKit2 features a more powerful FPGA chip, and 4x flash storage!

Game List: Amidar, Anteater, Armored Car, Beastie Feastie, Crazy Kong, Crush Roller, Dig Dug (Atari), Eeekk!, Eggor, Eyes, Fantasy, Frogger, Galaga (Midway), Galaxian, Gatsbee, Hangly Man, Hot Shocker, Jr. Pac-Man, Jump Bug, King & Ballon, Lady Bug, Lizard Wizard, Moon Cresta, Mr. TNT, Nibbler, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac n Pal, Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus, Pengo, Pioneer Balloon, Piranha, Scramble, Turtles, Super Cobra, Super Pac-Man (Midway), Tazz-mania, The End, The Glob, Titan, Triple Punch, UniWars, Vanguard, and Zarzon.

Game List Details

Game ROMs are NOT included.


  • High Score saving & online leaderboards
  • On-screen game and configuration menus
  • Direct boot option
  • Independent settings for each game
  • Screen flip & cocktail support
  • Wireless connectivity
  • No software emulation

Special Features:

  • Scramble "Remix" - New course to challenge you, with extras
  • Eyes - Extended scoring up to 99,999,990 points
  • Nibbler Practice mode

BitKit Manual:

BitKit Manager software:

Bluetooth Setup guide:

Check it out here! Watch Now!

The BitKit is intended for home use only.


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