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The BitKit is an 8-bit FPGA platform for playing arcade classics. Plug-and-play in any JAMMA wired arcade cabinet, with Bluetooth wireless for updating firmware, and loading games*.

Game List: Amidar, Anteater, Armored Car, Beastie Feastie, Crazy Kong, Crush Roller, Eeekk!, Eggor, Eyes, Fantasy, Frogger, Galaxian, Hot Shocker, Jr. Pac-Man, Jump Bug, Lizard Wizard, Moon Cresta, Mr. TNT, Nibbler, Nibbler, Pengo, Pioneer Balloon, Piranha, Scramble, Turtles, Super Cobra, Tazz-mania, The End, The Glob, Titan, Triple Punch, UniWars, Vanguard, Zarzon, and more!

Game List Details

BitKit Manual:

BitKit Manager software:

Bluetooth Setup guide:

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      • High Score saving & online leader boards
      • Direct boot option
      • Independent settings for each game/version
      • Screen flip & cocktail support
      • Free Play option for all games
      • Menu screen saver
      • Bluetooth wireless for easy updating

      *Game ROM files are not included with the BitKit.
      **The BitKit is intended for home use only.



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