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CPS2 mounting woes? Went to war with The Machine or an Alien Queen, lost a leg, and can't stand only having two or three keepin' ya lopsided?

Maybe it's not about what you're missing. Maybe you need a little bit more spice in your life after having the same old brackets since the dawn of time. Or maybe you're on your second set, but they just didn't last. Stare off not into the distance, for we have just what you're looking for. These are durable, with a textured black powder coating ensuring they'll last a long time. Perfect to replace that missing mounting bracket or two so your A&B buddy can be bolted down onto that wood again. You wanna slide that baby back in where she belongs and hear that fan whirl like a crazed banshee in a tornado again, don't ya? Or better yet, pick up a new set to impress the all the folks you be invitin' over to show the guts and glory of your insides to. We're talking cabinets here, and they may be pretty on the outside but it's also what's inside that counts. So show them off to your friends like Paddinton Bear in an episode of CLOPS.


  • black, not white
  • 2.5" x 1" x .25" dimensions
  • steel, riddled of
  • metal, not wood
  • looks better than your old ones
  • set of four (comes with 4 brackets per pack!)

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