Cherry D44x Pushbutton Microswitch

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Details about Cherry D44x Pushbutton Microswitch

This is the same Cherry (now named ZF Electronics) micro switch that's been used in the arcade industry for many years. Originally used by Suzo Happ before they switched to the eSwitch brand, this has the classic 75g operating force found on older arcade games, and has the standard 0.187" blade connectors for easy connections.

  • Cherry / ZF Electronics Part: D449-R1AA-CF
  • Operating Force: 75 grams
  • Rating: 10A 125/250VAC
  • Mechanical Service Life: Min. 10,000,000 operations

The Cherry D44x Pushbutton Microswitch, known for its premium quality, offers dependability across various applications. This versatile microswitch is adept for both commercial and industrial use, proving its worth in a variety of settings.

Perfect for rigorous applications, the Cherry D44x has been expertly designed for maximum performance. The push-button design of the D44x makes it user-friendly, while the robust build ensures longevity. Indeed, with the Cherry D44x microswitch, you combine efficiency and durability in one compact unit.

In addition to its top-notch features, the Cherry D44x microswitch offers easy mounting. This feature greatly simplifies the installation process, making it a preferred choice among many industrial operators. In a market flooded with options, the Cherry D44x microswitch stands out for its excellent performance, reliability, and robustness.

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