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Bring analog control back to the pads of your fingertips!

Blue Tip Gaming successfully funded a Kickstarter and created an analog arcade pushbutton. These are durable and high quality modern alternatives to use with any games that utilized analog buttons such as the original Street Fighter, which based your character's attacks on how light or hard you pressed the button. The original Street Fighter buttons were much larger, but you can still replicate the experience using these and in the more common 6 button Capcom layout. You can also do something really cool outside of the normal arcade gaming realm and build a custom controller based on a PlayStation 2 pad hack and retain the full analog functionality of the controller. Remember how to holster your firearm in the Metal Gear Solid series on PS2? You can't do that without analog controls.

These are also useful for any application that requires variable control such as analog pinball flippers, robotics, lighting, music synthesis, and so on.

Going above and beyond, these are not simply analog buttons.

The Blue Tip Gaming buttons also come with a long life Zippy basic snap action microswitch that allows you to use the buttons with conventional arcade controls via .187 terminals. You won't need a separate set of buttons for a MAME cab to play conventional arcade games just because the buttons are analog.

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