BlisSter rev2 Usb Hub by Bliss-Box

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*** Now, we carry new version of BlisSter (BlisSter rev2 by Bliss-Box)

What is new about rev2?

  • Micro USB 2.0 to dupont connector cable is slated to be replaced with short connector USB Bridge
  • Micro USB 3.0 to USB A 3.0 cable will be longer and have a right angle connector to reduce strain on Micro USB 3.0 port


Bliss-Box presents, the BlisSTer.

      We at Bliss-Box believe in the repurposing of older hardware and we recognize that FPGA emulation paves a path to a true authentic gaming experience toreplay and reuse older systems. We understand the MiSTer is a small community of people sharing this love and respect and wanting to keep enjoying these older systems.

      We have produced a demo board for the MisTEr to our satisfaction. It performs as well as any of the current USB board options and extends the new features and options that will come to be rather attractive to many MiSTer fans. We have elected not to set a MQO on this run as we know those minimum orders can be a pain. So, price is not the main focus for now. Instead we want to know the interest.

      The main attraction to the BliSTer is a thing we call LLAPI(Low Level API). The Normal Bliss-Box products that adapt almost any wired controller to USB is integrated on this board. Though USB is not the only option. With some help from a developer Jamie (Kitrinx) a few cores are taking advantage of the LLAPI.

      This board is going to allow you to communicate with a controller at its own interrupt level. Your MiSTer cores while used with the Bliss-Box will allow any controller to be used the way it was intended to be used on the consol itself. The LLAPI even has the ability (although not implemented yet) to directly communicate with memory packs or rumble motors in the very same manner the consol does. Although that is a bit ahead of its time, it has the ability to do it.




      Bliss-Box has engineered a way to communicate over USB with a proprietary two wire interface. The protocol, when engaged, tells the USB to stop communicating. The information is then routed via the serial (USB 3.0) port on the MiSTer board and read directly into the selected core. Interestingly this protocol was not designed for this purpose. It was not until Jamie saw the connection and came up with this plan to communicate directly with the controllers and cores.


      The BlisSTer Board is remaining Open source as far as the hardware goes, nothing new here but more. This is not a made to order or a fly by night assembly, this is a well-designed board and you will see that. The only part required to use the LLAPI other than the modified cores, are the cables. These cables a readily available on the store and also open! There are no fancy electronics in the cables, just simply the arranging of wires. So, they can easily be made if the user so desires. The cables can also be ordered in bulk from Bliss-Box. Here is a beta board (note the location of the micro USB port is wrong) that we used for testing.



      The new designed will have the same form-factor minus the incorrect placement of the micro port, a toggle for power

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