Amplifone X-Y 19" and 25" Monitor Repair Kit by Zanen

Zanen ElectronnicsSKU: zan-kit-410



This high quality cap kit for the Amplifone X-Y includes:

Qty - Capacitor Value

4x - 1 uF at 50 V
1x - 4.7 uF at 50 V
2x - 100 uF at 25 V
2x - 220 uF at 35 V or 50 V
2x - 1000 uf at 50 V
1x - 33 uF at 250 V

Qty - Part

2x - 2N3716 Transistor
2x - 2N3792 Transistor

Each capacitor is polarized and can only be installed in one direction. Please check the polarity marking on each capacitor.

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