60 in 1 Icade and SLG Bundle

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Great bundle to put scanlines on any VGA monitor with an ICADE board.

This single PCB contains 60 off the all time best arcade games ever! These 60-in-1 Multicade JAMMA PCB's are the new small 60 in 1 pcb's with dual track ball support.

4 FREE PCB feet and screws with every board ordered!

Menus allows you to adjust the original dip switches for each game.  


  • Universal JAMMA Connection
  • Easy to navigate graphical menu for game selection
  • Free Play or Quarter/Token Option
  • High Score Save (even when powered off)
  • CGA (standard resolution) and VGA (high resolution) support
  • Configures for upright or cocktail mode (Vertical monitors)
  • Supports dual Trackball and/or Joystick Controls
  • Each Game Is Individually Customizable
  • Show/Hide Specific Games
  • Jamma and VGA connector


60-in-1 Multicade (iCade)
Classic Arcade Collection

Ms Pacman Galaga Frogger
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Junior Donkey Kong 3
Galaxian Dig Dug Crush
Mr. Do Space Invaders Pacman
Galaga3 Gyruss Tank battalion
Ladybug Millipede ** Burger Time
JR Pacman Mappy Pengo
1942 Centipede ** Phoenix
Time Pilot Super Cobra Hustler
Space Panic Super Breakout ** New Rally X
Arkanoid ** Qix Juno First
Xevious Mr. Do's Castle Moon Cresta
Pinball Action Scramble Super Pacman
Bomb Jack Shao-Lin's Road King & Balloon
1943 Van-Van Car Pac-Man Plus
Dig Dug 2 Amidar Zaxxon
Pooyan Pleiads Gun Smoke
The End 1943 Kai Congo Bongo
Jumping Jack

Ms. Pac-Man
(Fast Mode)

(Fast Mode)

(Fast Fire Mode)

Jr. Pac-Man
(Fast Mode)
Pac-Man Plus
(Fast Mode)


Minimal control set up is 1 joystick and one button
Optimal control set up is 1 joystick with 3 buttons +trackball or 2nd joystick with 3 buttons

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