2019 in 1 Jamma Multiboard Chassis



One JAMMA ready arcade system containing 2019 amazing ready to play games. Choose from classic fighters like Street Fighter II EX, King of Fighters, and The Punisher to great classic shooters (Shoot em' ups) like 1945 Plus, R-Type, and Aero Fighters 3!  The game selection menu is extremely simple to understand and navigate.  To select a game, simply scroll through the list and press your button to select.  At anytime during the active game, the player can return back to main game selection menu by holding in the start button for 3 seconds!

The 2019-in-1 is a hard drive computer based system.  It can support up to 4 players via a remote 3/4P Interfacing card (which connects into another JAMMA cabinet so TWO cabinets are LINKED TOGETHER!).   



1.      Protect JAMMA I/O from damage of incorrect connection

2.      Use P4 motherboard, Intel Celeron4 CPU, 40G Hard Disc, 512M .

3.      Installed multi game emulators software.

4.      Allow coins inserted before game selection.

5.      After power on player can insert coin at any time

6.      Support 4 people play mode.

7.      Support one game / multi games business mode. 

8.      Support 3D games.

9.      Support video mode: VGA (31KHZ), NTSC (15KHZ), PAL (15KHZ), SEGA (24KHZ).

10.  Support two-channel stereo audio.

11.  Faster I/O response and more stable system operation.

12.  Classified all games to Stage, Flying/Shooting, Wrestle/Fighting, Maze/Puzzle, Adult, Sport, Misc./Others, and Special/Classical game list.

13.  Each game list can be hided or showed.

14.  Each game in list can be deleted or called back.

15.  Support simple Chinese and English.

16.  Game configurations are adjustable.

17.  Support coin counter.

18.  Set all games coin and credit value by one DIP SW.

19.  One touch key can retrieve data automatically when Hard Disc data lost.

20.  Support new games update.



1.      Games Family mainboard. (Double deck).

2.      3&4p connector board with a Cable wire.

3.      A/V wires. (8 wires for 3&4P audio and video input).

4.      5 line wires. (For 1P&2P shooting button 5th& 6th)..

5.      User manual.

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