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The standard in multiconsole is back, the Toodles MC Cthulhu.  

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Toodles is one of the most respected and well known names in the fighting game community.  His products have allowed players and modders to take their sticks to a whole new level of function.

The Toodles MC Cthulhu control board is the standard in retro multi-console game controllers.

By using the USB connection the MC Cthulu is directly compatible with PC USB systems as well as the Playstation 3 console. However, when you use supported controller cords and direct wiring to the board, the MC Cthulhu can become compatible with Playstation, Playstation 2, Sega Saturn, Gamecube (including Wii VC titles and disc based titles that support the Gamecube controller), Original Xbox, TurboGrafx-16/PCEngine, Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom, and Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom. 



Please see the SRK official thread for installs or download the instructions from the manuals section.

Mike Gathright 09/06/2017

Great for Retro Gaming!

Step #1 - Download the "MCCthulhuWelcome.pdf" provided in the download Tab
Step #2 - Download the "PS360HardwareOverview.pdf" from ( ** Only use pages 8 & 9 for RJ45 cable Pinouts **

I'm going to write this up on using the MC Cthulhu as the only PCB and having all the tools onhand.

1) The first thing you want to do when you recieve your PCB is to read the "MCCthulhuWelcome.pdf"
2) Bootup your computer (Windows), Go to "Search programs and Files" and type "run" and press enter.
3) Then type "control joy.cpl" and enter.
4) Connect the MC Cthulhu using an A-B USB cable.
5) Give it some time (installing Device driver) and "Cthulhu Multiconsole Edition" Should appear. ** If not refer back to the pdf!
6) Click on "Properties" button.
7) Have a Pushbutton ready! Insert one wire into a Ground Screw-in terminal and use the other wire testing the other terminals (UP, DOWN, 1P,...)
8) If everything works, you're done with the computer part.
9) Have your RJ45 Cable ready. Make sure it's a Cat5 or Cat6 T-568B. With the tab facing down the colors of the wires should be in this order: Orange/White, Orange, Green/White, Blue, Blue/White, Green, Brown/White, and Brown.
10) Cut one end of the RJ45 and splice the tip of each wire accordingly.
A) Solder the wires directly to the MC Cthulhu. On the first row solder: (G) Orange/White (A) Orange (B) Green/White (C) Blue (D) Blue/White (E) Green (F) Brown/White (V) Brown
or B) Solder a 1X8 Male Pin Header to the first row on the MC Cthulhu. Crimp each wire end using female pin connectors and place them in a 1x8 Dupont Connector Housing. Use a Multimeter to test continuity on each wire. Make sure when you connect the Dupont housing to the male header that each color matches the column stated in Step A. (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOING THIS WAY!)

12) Using a Neutrik NE8FDP RJ45 Feed-Through, Plug the other part of the RJ45 in. ****** Note that you will notice the wires go in the opposite way: Brown, Brown/White, Green, Blue/White, Blue, Green/White, Orange, Orange/White. Don't worry about this! The Neutrik NE8FDP RJ45 Feed-Through corrects the signal back to Orange, Orange/White, etc.
13) Now time for the RJ45 controller cables. Open "PS360HardwareOverview.pdf" and only use pages 8 and 9.
14) I recommend creating a RJ45 USB cable first. The USB has four connection points which go 4, 3, 2, 1. Cut one end of the USB and you will notice that there are only four wires: Black, White, Green, and Red. Splice each end and test Continuity!
15) Following the "PS360HardwareOverview.pdf" the wires go in this order with the Tab on the RJ45 connector facing down. Pin 1) Black, Pin 5) White, Pin 6) Green, and Pin 8) Red.
16) Test the RJ45 USB Cable out. REFER BACK TO STEP 2-5! If the "Cthulhu Multiconsole Edition" appears you have successfully done it!
17) Create and Test your other console cables out.

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MC Cthulhu Multi-console PCB by Toodles

MC Cthulhu Multi-console PCB by Toodles

The standard in multiconsole is back, the Toodles MC Cthulhu.  

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