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OBS-MX Blue Gateron Switch



Paradise Arcade Shop's very own OBS-MX drop in with a blue Gateron Microswitch

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We had heard some positive reviews of Gateron's Blue mechanical micro-switch. We find that the clicky tactile feel is a bit more pronounced on the Blue Gateron than its Blue Cherry MX counterpart. Try for yourself!

We are proud to introduce the OBS-MX *Gateron* modification for an Sanwa OBSF, OBSC, or OBSN.  These drop microswitch and plunger replacements (plunger sold separately), dramatically improve the longevity and performance of standard buttons. 

  • SWITCH: Blue Gateron Keyswitch "audible click" blue keystem
  • Operating Force: 60g

***Please note this is just the blue Gateron microswitch and wire connector. You'll still need to buy an OBS-MX Plunger separately to use it with a Sanwa OBSF-30 or OBSC-30 Rim which is not included. OBSN-30 work, but not with switches that use tactile feedback or a bump (Blue, Green, Brown, Clear)***

Why should you use OBS-MX buttons?
1) Tested at Evo and received rave reviews (with one exception for those who like clicks... and this will be addressed soon!)

2) More sensitive, the average button from Sanwa or Seimitsu requires 200% of travel to actuate, other Cherry MX based buttons require 300%!!! *note this is a Gateron switch* The OBS-MX reliably actuates at half the travel of a Sanwa OBSF, giving you a competitive edge. With the MX precision these won't go off if you brush them but any intentional presses are fast and accurate!

3) They fit your existing buttons and allow MX upgrades at a fraction of the cost. You don't have to pop buttons out, just pull the microswitch and plunger, drop the OBS-MX buttons in and you are ready to go.

4) The most versatile button on the market. We don't just allow for you to do LED mods, we make it easy. The OBS-MX rev. b comes with through-hole solder spots for easy common Cathode RGB or single color LED mounting. This allows the use of Remora and future editions will allow for easy Kaimana installs!

5) The custom caps are US molded, and the parts are assembled in the US with 100% testing

Josh Tolpa 08/21/2017

Time to Type the Combos

Firmer than standard OBS switches, and with a much snappier return, these pre-wired Cherry Blues are a godsend. Just drop them in where you're sanwa switches are, snap an OBS-MX cap on top, and hook them up with the provided adapter wire. These feel amazing, and—rated for 50M presses—are nearly indestructible.

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OBS-MX Blue Gateron Switch

OBS-MX Blue Gateron Switch

Paradise Arcade Shop's very own OBS-MX drop in with a blue Gateron Microswitch

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