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Infiltration Samducksa SDL-301-DX-S - Red



The Long Awaited Infiltration SDL-301-DX joystick is finally here!

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The Long Awaited Infiltration SDL-301-DX is finally here!!

This lever combines aspects from an experimental design as well as input from Infiltration. Compared to other Korean levers on the market, it's the most distinct when it comes to feel. It feels like a cross between a Japanese Lever and a Korean Lever.

-Japanese Mounting Plate

-Removeable Battop with standard 6mm threading

-.187 connections (requires the JLF Micro/Conversion Harness)

- Silicone Tension Grommet System (35 by default, 25 and 45 can be purchased separately)

-Tall Lever, will not fit in all cases.  See below:

SDL-301-DX Fits Inside: Razer Panthera, Hori VLX, MadCatzTE2 (grinds slightly on plastic base at first but works fine after a few rounds), Qanba Dragon, FightStick Asia EXC Samurai, Razer Atrox, Qanba Obsidian, Hori RAP N

SDL-301-DX Does NOT Fit Inside: Excellence Arcade Case Model T, Excellence Arcade Case Model V

Crazy Christopher 11/04/2017

Worth the money.

I bought this stick on my seemingly endless search to find a stick with the same FEEL as an old HAPP super.
Odd that I found it in a Korean lever.
Now, if I only had one stick I would still get a JLF. However, I have a half-dozen on my table, therefore I have room for options. This lever is GREAT GREAT GREAT for old school sega and Nintendo games. The "Circlesquare" gate actually has an EXTREMELY fluid feel while still allowing you to hit corners. I understand this type of gate is not everyone's mug of beer. It is, however, MY mug of beer. I do advise a nice aluminum handle - the plastic handle it comes with feels REALLY cheap. It has a really weird mounting pattern as well; these are the two reasons it's only four stars.
Certainly a stick to strongly consider. The grommet system in place of a spring is really cool and gives a great feel.

Josh Tolpa 09/01/2017

Amazing Feel

Having grown up in American arcades, I installed this with the circle gate and loaded up some games. Very little movement is needed to actuate the switches, and the pull towards neutral is much more of a consistent force than you'd get with a loaded spring.
Executing circular motions in SF is effortless, bordering on ridiculous. I've never been able to pull off Zangief's supers, but I can nail them every time with this lever. So little effort is required, that I stopped thinking about execution and was able to focus more on strategy and tactics. I'm not sure it's great for charge characters, but I'm not the best judge of that. The circlesquare gate may be the way to go in that situation.
For Tekken 7 and VF5FS, I had similar results. Double-taps, away-towards moves, and Korean backdashing just work.
As to the aesthetics, the green smoke is something really special, and it looks like it was made to match the stock Razer Atrox X1 artwork. It's very pleasing, from a visual standpoint.
YMMV, but this stick is going to make a huge difference in my game. A stunning job by Samducksa and Infiltration with this piece of hardware.

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Lizzy Filson 08/30/2017

Rock solid stick some things worth noting...

It came! after putting together a few fanta air bag sticks myself, I finally found one that was done off the shelf.
Ok, first off unless you really know your model coding you might not realize this stick is manufactured by Samducksa/Crown. Which means quite a few of the aftermarket parts that fit S/C sticks also fit this. Most notably Arcade Indonesia's 60 shore A gromits. The most important thing to note about this stick is that it is the only mass produced stick available in the USA to have the true fully enclosed fanta air bag construction. Prior to this stick the closest mass produced stick with this type Microswitch support was Crowns 307. If your looking for the fanta airbag experience without doing heavy customization on your own stock K- stick this is the only game in town that does not require locating one and importing it yourself. If you want to know what all the fuss is about this is a great choice to figure it out. It has to be said this is only a five star review if you know your into K-sticks. My only complaint if I have one is It would be nice if they also made a high collar model that was available in the US as well for people with proper Korean stick housings..

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BryanForce76 08/29/2017

Amazing Lever

I put this lever in my Qanba Dragon and it's now my favorite stick to use by far. I have an Etokki Omni Korean and a Razer Panthera but this lever plus the build quality of the Dragon makes it the cream of the crop. If you have a stick that can fit this lever, GET IT!!!

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Infiltration Samducksa SDL-301-DX-S - Red

Infiltration Samducksa SDL-301-DX-S - Red

The Long Awaited Infiltration SDL-301-DX joystick is finally here!

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